Matte Painting


Every now and again a production of epic proportions lands. Shoots in multiple countries, international talent, BIG scenes, a huge amount of complex yet invisible post work, multiple versions and delivery materials. The work started in early 2014, was shot in 2015 and took 3 months to post produce. This job had it all, and some. And the end result? A remarkable airline experience if you’re lucky to fly with Etihad. M&C SAATCHI: Creatives / Tom McFarlane, Michael Andrews Agency Producer / Rod James Production / Thomas Thomas, UK Directors / Atanasio + Martinez Executive Producer / Philippa Thomas Producer […]


JOY AGENCY: Executive Creative Director / Steve Back Art Director / Scott Zuliani Copywriter / Dan Barrett Producer / Abby Hunt BRILLIANT FILMS: Director / Dean Friske Executive Producer / Stephanie Ceccaldi


GREY ADVERTISING: Client Services Director / Justine Leong Creative Director / Chad MacKenzie Copywriter / Dan Staudinger Art Director / Adam Frazer Senior Producer / John Staudinger Director / Phil Meatchem


“Animals Australia” has been awarded multiple Gold accolades as well as the highly coveted International Grand Prix Mobius Award for VFX. LOUD: Creative director / Joe Van Trump Agency Producer / John Ruggiero Account Executive / Madelen Richards VANDAL: VFX & POST


PHOTOPLAY: Director / Scott Otto Anderson Producer / Oliver Lawrance VANDAL: VFX & POST


We pick up the action mid scene, a chase down a suburban street. Simple enough. In slow motion our Pizza Hut delivery guy is running carrying a Pizza Hut pizza box straight towards camera. As he escapes, hordes of PS4 characters and game vehicles take over the street and follow him as he runs towards us. Not so simple. Introduce visual effects now. M&C SAATCHI: Copywriter / Phil Leece Art Director / Pete Sanna Agency Producer / Heather Johnston Director / Phil Meatchem Production / Kite Productions & V∆ND∆L KITE PRODUCTIONS: Executive Producer / Mick Perry Producer / Nicole Richardson V∆ND∆L: […]


From the initial idea we developed and evolved sketched drawings. More than just doodles, they form the stage to launch into final animation. DDB: Head of Onscreen Production / Brenden Johnson Agency Producer / Claire Seffrin Creative Team / Jim Curtis , Ryan FitzgeraldFSM: Director & Illustrator / Phil Meatchem Executive Producer / Dave Kelly Production / Serena Rettenmaier 3D Team / Andreas Wanda, Brian Kranz, Stephane Vogel, Andy Sutton, Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Adam Waddington Design Team / Emile Rademeyer, Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai


HUMAN: Producer / Mandy PaynePHOTOPLAY: Director / Scott Otto Anderson Producer / Oliver Lawrence


LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: Creative Director / Jens Hertzum Senior Promo Producer / Glenn Urquhart, Benjamin Jones DOP / Tony Luu VANDAL: VFX Supervisor / Andreas Wanda VFX Producer / Tina Braham Design and compositing / Emile Rademeyer, Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai, Howard Hill 3D / Andreas Wanda, Adam Waddington Colourist / Tristan la Fontaine


Comprehensive branding and titles packages for the footy channel FOX FOOTY. FOX SPORTS: Executive Producer / Michael Neil VANDAL: Creative Director / Emile Rademeyer Motion Design / Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai, Robert Dinnerville logo, supers


FSM provided all post services including editorial, conform, grading, titles, DCP and delivery materials. The feature called for a range of complex VFX work, including water simulation, modelling and compositing. THE FILM COMPANY & WILDHEART FILMS: Director / Mark Lamprell Producers / Richard Keddie, Andrena Finlay DOP / Damian Wyvill VANDAL: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn VFX Producer / Tina Braham Producer / Martin Thorne 3D Team / Andreas Wanda, Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Andy Sutton, Adam Waddington Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones Compositing / Mike Gibson Titles Design / Darrin Hanley Motion Design / Russ Maehl Colourist / Billy […]

Bright Star

London 1818 – a secret love affair begins between 23 year old English poet John Keats and the girl next door, Fanny Brawne. Together they rode a wave of romantic obsession that deepened as their troubles mounted. Only Keats’ illness proved insurmountable. “One of the major successes of this years Cannes festival, Bright Star is one of the most deeply moving romantic films in memory” – Los Angeles Times “With its gorgeously framed shots and superb craftsmanship, Bright Start is a thing of beauty” – USA Today “There isn’t a less than perfect performance” – New York VANDAL was delighted to […]