Green Screen


Every now and again a production of epic proportions lands. Shoots in multiple countries, international talent, BIG scenes, a huge amount of complex yet invisible post work, multiple versions and delivery materials. The work started in early 2014, was shot in 2015 and took 3 months to post produce. This job had it all, and some. And the end result? A remarkable airline experience if you’re lucky to fly with Etihad. M&C SAATCHI: Creatives / Tom McFarlane, Michael Andrews Agency Producer / Rod James Production / Thomas Thomas, UK Directors / Atanasio + Martinez Executive Producer / Philippa Thomas Producer […]


When motion control is not an option… 48 heads of broccoli, 10 toddlers, 3 food stylists, 2 paper mâché blueberries… and 1 giant crane with a custom-built LED strip to hand-track the camera to match time and distance from a CG previz. A miniature shoot of epic proportions! HELIUM.FILM: Production VANDAL: VFX & POST McCANN HEALTH: Executive Creative Director: June Laffey Senior Art Director: Kate Chisnall Senior Copywriter: Vanessa Reynolds Senior Producer: Penny Brown Account Director: Marie Le Hur Strategy Director: Sophie Wild NESTLÉ: Brand Manager: Alison Lieu


BWM DENTSU: Chief Creative Officer / Rob Belgiovane Executive Creative Director / Asheen Naidu Senior Art Director / Cameron Hearne Senior Copywriter / Kevin MacNamara Senior Onscreen Producer / Wendy Gillies, Margot Fitzpatrick BRILLIANT FILMS: Director / Henry Mason Executive Producer / Stephanie Ceccaldi DOP / Hugh Miller VANDAL: VFX & POST


PHOTOPLAY: Director / Scott Otto Anderson Producer / Oliver Lawrance VANDAL: VFX & POST


HUMAN: Producer / Mandy PaynePHOTOPLAY: Director / Scott Otto Anderson Producer / Oliver Lawrence




BBC: Creative Director / Dan Aldridge Senior Promo Producer / Emily Ellston Producer / Nancy Maree Ryan VANDAL: Creative Director / Emile Rademeyer Head of Production / Tina Braham Compositing / Darrin Hanley, Robert Dinnerville, Jeremy Mansford Colourist / Tom Meares


LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: Creative Director / Jens Hertzum Senior Promo Producer / Glenn Urquhart, Benjamin Jones DOP / Tony Luu VANDAL: VFX Supervisor / Andreas Wanda VFX Producer / Tina Braham Design and compositing / Emile Rademeyer, Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai, Howard Hill 3D / Andreas Wanda, Adam Waddington Colourist / Tristan la Fontaine


PUBLICIS MOJO: Executive Creative Director / Grant Rutherford Creative Directors / Ian Williamson, Michael Dole Creatives Team / Sam Pemberton, Oskar Westerdal VANDAL: Director / Emile Rademeyer Head of Production / Tina Braham Motion Designer / Darrin Hanley Executive Producer / Dean Sutherland Photographer: Andreas Bommert Producer / Grant Neville Audio / Nigel Crowley

Grand Designs 3

Grand Designs Australia charts the in-depth process of elaborate architectural design projects undertaken by self-builders. The brief called for the abstract visualisation of a house built through the process of creative thinking. Imagine your dream house literally being built by merely thinking about it. LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: Creative Director / Jens Hertzum Director / Glenn Urquhart DOP / Tony Luu VANDAL: Creative Director / Emile Rademeyer Head of Production / Tina Braham Senior Designer, Compositor: Darrin Hanley CG Supervisor / Chris Gardner CG Team / Russ Maehl, Melissa Mai, Adam Waddington Colourist / Heather Hay


FSM provided all post services including editorial, conform, grading, titles, DCP and delivery materials. The feature called for a range of complex VFX work, including water simulation, modelling and compositing. THE FILM COMPANY & WILDHEART FILMS: Director / Mark Lamprell Producers / Richard Keddie, Andrena Finlay DOP / Damian Wyvill VANDAL: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn VFX Producer / Tina Braham Producer / Martin Thorne 3D Team / Andreas Wanda, Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Andy Sutton, Adam Waddington Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones Compositing / Mike Gibson Titles Design / Darrin Hanley Motion Design / Russ Maehl Colourist / Billy […]


The rebrand of ABC 4 Kids – ABC’s television channel aimed at children pre-school age and younger – included the development of a new logo, idents, bumpers and promo package. The ABC’s brief required a brand that communicated that ABC 4 Kids is friendly, uncomplicated, colourful and safe, so we created an identity that brought to life the imaginary world that is ABC 4 Kids. ABC: ABC Television Head of Marketing and Communications / Diana Costantini VANDAL: Creative Director / Emile Rademeyer Directors / Gavain Browne, Emile Rademeyer Head of Production / Tina Braham Motion Designers / Darrin Hanley, Michelle […]