Feature Film


Gayby Baby follows the lives of four kids – Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham – who are all coming of age under the guidance of same- sex parents. As they each wrestle with personal change, the outside world debates marriage equality and whether kids like them are at risk. MARLA HOUSE & SCREEN AUSTRALIA: Director / Maya Newell Producer / Charlotte Mars FSM: Longform Producer / Martin Thorne Colourist / Billy Wychgel Mastering / Phil-Stuart Jones


BEYOND SCREEN PRODUCTION: Director / Anthony Mir Producer / Martin Fabinyi DOP / Carl Robertson Written by and starring / Carl Barron


PORTAL PICTURES: Director / Pauline Chan FSM: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn Producer / Martin Thorne Colourist / Billy Wychgel Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones


FSM provided all post services including editorial, conform, grading, titles, DCP and delivery materials. The feature called for a range of complex VFX work, including water simulation, modelling and compositing. THE FILM COMPANY & WILDHEART FILMS: Director / Mark Lamprell Producers / Richard Keddie, Andrena Finlay DOP / Damian Wyvill VANDAL: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn VFX Producer / Tina Braham Producer / Martin Thorne 3D Team / Andreas Wanda, Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Andy Sutton, Adam Waddington Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones Compositing / Mike Gibson Titles Design / Darrin Hanley Motion Design / Russ Maehl Colourist / Billy […]

Griff the invisible

FSM DESIGN explored a range of title design options. Influenced by the notion of superpowers, 3 creative directions were combined into one: A typographic version with a subtle retro twist, an eclectic comic book-inspired style involving a collage of textures and a VFX based holographic approach. GREEN PARK PICTURES: Director / Leon Ford Executive Producer / Jan Chapman FSM: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones Compositor / Howard Hill Titles / Jimmy Mirari Colourist / Billy Wychgel


EXIT FILMS: Director / Peter Templeman Editor / Mathew Walker DOP / Lachlan Milne VANDAL: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn Producer / Martin Thorne Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones, Howard Hill, Stuart Cadzow, Mike Gibson Data Wrangler / Aleksei Vanamois Colourist / Billy Wychgel Titles Design / Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai


Rachel Ward’s Beautiful Kate was the highest earning Australian film on its opening weekend and had the highest opening week. FSM completed a full DI, titles and VFX as well as invested in the film. BEAUTIFUL KATE: Director / Rachel Ward Producers / Bryan Brown, Leah Churchill-Brown FSM: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn VFX Supervisor / Phil Stuart-Jones Compositor / Justin Alvarez Colourist / Billy Wychgel Titles / Darrin Hanley