Data Wrangling


BEYOND SCREEN PRODUCTION: Director / Anthony Mir Producer / Martin Fabinyi DOP / Carl Robertson Written by and starring / Carl Barron


ARCHIBALD WILLIAMS: Creative Director / Jonny Browne Art Director / Kylie Suttor Copywriter / Roger Heath Account Manager / Matt Romeo Account Director / Bianca Wignall Director / Phil Meatchem


AGENCY: DDB PRODUCTION: SERGEANT MAJOR: Director / Justin McMillan VANDAL: Producer / Tina Braham 3D / Andreas Wanda, Chris Gardener, Adam Waddington Editor / Joe Morris Grade / Christine Trodd Flame / Howard Hill, Soren Dyne, Rosano Lepri Data Wrangling / Aleksei Vanamois


VANDAL created a new opening title and in show graphic package in conjunction with FOX SPORTS for their dedicated Rugby program, Rugby HQ. VANDAL CD Emile Rademeyer directed the package, collaborating closely with FOX SPORTS CD Mark Simmons and Head of Graphics Sergio Papa. Based around a movie title sequence, each of the show’s stars including Phil Kearns, Rod Kafer and Nathan Sharpe is given a hero sequence. Filming components were completed in 2 states with collaboration between VANDAL and Brilliant Films in Sydney and Blacklab International in Brisbane. VANDAL: Director : Emile Rademeyer

s26 Gold

Collaborating with DDB on this charming animation spot gave us the opportunity to dive into the creative imagination of a kid’s drawing coming to life. DDB: Head of Onscreen production at DDB / Brenden Johnson Creative Director / Stuart Vidler Creative Team / James Sexton & Harry Towle Producer / Harriet Burton Taylor VANDAL: Directors / Emile Rademeyer, Andreas Wanda Character design, illustration, storyboarding / Phil Meatchem


LIFESTYLE CHANNEL: Creative Director / Jens Hertzum Senior Promo Producer / Glenn Urquhart, Benjamin Jones DOP / Tony Luu VANDAL: VFX Supervisor / Andreas Wanda VFX Producer / Tina Braham Design and compositing / Emile Rademeyer, Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai, Howard Hill 3D / Andreas Wanda, Adam Waddington Colourist / Tristan la Fontaine


Director / Phil Meatchem BENTO PRODUCTIONS: Producer / Jane Larkins JWT: Producer / Vicky Ryan VANDAL: Post


FSM provided all post services including editorial, conform, grading, titles, DCP and delivery materials. The feature called for a range of complex VFX work, including water simulation, modelling and compositing. THE FILM COMPANY & WILDHEART FILMS: Director / Mark Lamprell Producers / Richard Keddie, Andrena Finlay DOP / Damian Wyvill VANDAL: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn VFX Producer / Tina Braham Producer / Martin Thorne 3D Team / Andreas Wanda, Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Andy Sutton, Adam Waddington Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones Compositing / Mike Gibson Titles Design / Darrin Hanley Motion Design / Russ Maehl Colourist / Billy […]


DEVIL’S DUST: Director / Jessica Hobbs FSM: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn Producer / Martin Thorne Lead Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones Colourist / Billy Wychgel Titles / Darrin Hanley Data Wrangler / Alexsei Vanamois


EXIT FILMS: Director / Peter Templeman Editor / Mathew Walker DOP / Lachlan Milne VANDAL: Executive Producer / Steve Dunn Producer / Martin Thorne Compositor / Phil Stuart-Jones, Howard Hill, Stuart Cadzow, Mike Gibson Data Wrangler / Aleksei Vanamois Colourist / Billy Wychgel Titles Design / Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai