Concept Art


VANDAL: Director / Emile Rademeyer DISCIPLE: Creative Partners / Tim Brown, Pete Buckley Designer / Ilya Aronovich Account Executive / James Arnold NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA: General Manager NSW Marketing / Lindsay Chappel Marketing Manager / Samantha Mason Marketing Executive / Natalie Watts


Director / Phil Meatchem DDB Sydney: Creative Director & Writer / Scott Smith Senior Art Director / Mark Emerton Senior Producer / Bill Doig Head of Integrated Content / Sevda Cemo Senior Business Manager / Inez Ritchie

Kellogg’s Imagine

Emile Rademeyer and Phil Meatchem brought to life the uninhibited imagination of children in this animated TVC. AGENCY: JWT SYDNEY VANDAL: Directors / Emile Rademeyer, Phil Meatchem Head of Production / Tina Braham VANDAL: ALL ILLUSTRATION & ANIMATION

Cash First

We’ve all experienced it. Opening up an envelope and…. BILL SHOCK! Beautifully designed hand-drawn illustrations bring this moment to life through an authentic animation technique. CREATIVE OASIS: Creative Team / Michael Malherbe, Paul Knights Producer / Wendy Gillies VANDAL: Directors / Phil Meatchem & Andreas Wanda


PHOTOPLAY: Director / Scott Otto Anderson Producer / Oliver Lawrance VANDAL: VFX & POST


We pick up the action mid scene, a chase down a suburban street. Simple enough. In slow motion our Pizza Hut delivery guy is running carrying a Pizza Hut pizza box straight towards camera. As he escapes, hordes of PS4 characters and game vehicles take over the street and follow him as he runs towards us. Not so simple. Introduce visual effects now. M&C SAATCHI: Copywriter / Phil Leece Art Director / Pete Sanna Agency Producer / Heather Johnston Director / Phil Meatchem Production / Kite Productions & V∆ND∆L KITE PRODUCTIONS: Executive Producer / Mick Perry Producer / Nicole Richardson V∆ND∆L: […]


From the initial idea we developed and evolved sketched drawings. More than just doodles, they form the stage to launch into final animation. DDB: Head of Onscreen Production / Brenden Johnson Agency Producer / Claire Seffrin Creative Team / Jim Curtis , Ryan FitzgeraldFSM: Director & Illustrator / Phil Meatchem Executive Producer / Dave Kelly Production / Serena Rettenmaier 3D Team / Andreas Wanda, Brian Kranz, Stephane Vogel, Andy Sutton, Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Adam Waddington Design Team / Emile Rademeyer, Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai

s26 Gold

Collaborating with DDB on this charming animation spot gave us the opportunity to dive into the creative imagination of a kid’s drawing coming to life. DDB: Head of Onscreen production at DDB / Brenden Johnson Creative Director / Stuart Vidler Creative Team / James Sexton & Harry Towle Producer / Harriet Burton Taylor VANDAL: Directors / Emile Rademeyer, Andreas Wanda Character design, illustration, storyboarding / Phil Meatchem


This visually stunning storybook-style was developed between the collaborative efforts of FSM and Tui Studios and was a unique melding of 2D and 3D design. Awarded a Bronze Clio for outstanding animation at the international Clio Awards, “Mary the Braveheart” raises awareness of the tireless work in holistic care and the well being of seriously ill children.


Our campaign for Kellogg’s Coco Pops via JWT combined sophisticated technology with extreme visual simplicity. The launch commercial Marco Polo, backed up by separate 15 second versions, features an up-close-and-personal approach to the stalwart cereal brand – a Coco Pop filming another Coco Pop at macro level. We won the pitch against some talented Australian and international VFX houses but it was our test that demonstrated, and further cemented, that our visions were aligned. We decided our Coco Pops would remain in their natural state without arms, legs, facial features or props, making the Marco Polo story the trickiest one […]


Our concept work for Mortein’s Louie the Fly illustrates the comprehensive character development, concept art and storyboarding that formed part of the pitching process.


Joy creative director, Chad MacKenzie collaborated with VANDAL CD, Emile Rademeyer to come up with a new direction for Subaru TVCs in 2014. An ink-inspired environment was conceived where a 100% CG Subaru car literally “paints on” the environment as it drives through it. Comprehensive storyboards were sketched, mapping out the rugged journey the All Wheel Drive Subaru XV would tackle. Mountainous rocks and low laying creeks were all “inked” in the environment as the Subaru drove through with total confidence. JOY: Creative Director / Chad MacKenzie Agency Producer / Sarah Cowen VANDAL: Creative Director / Emile Rademeyer, Andreas Wanda VFX […]