Joy creative director, Chad MacKenzie collaborated with VANDAL CD, Emile Rademeyer to come up with a new direction for Subaru TVCs in 2014. An ink-inspired environment was conceived where a 100% CG Subaru car literally “paints on” the environment as it drives through it.

Comprehensive storyboards were sketched, mapping out the rugged journey the All Wheel Drive Subaru XV would tackle. Mountainous rocks and low laying creeks were all “inked” in the environment as the Subaru drove through with total confidence.

Creative Director / Chad MacKenzie
Agency Producer / Sarah Cowen
Creative Director / Emile Rademeyer, Andreas Wanda
VFX Producer / Tina Braham
3D Team / Chris Gardner, Amanda Lee, Adam Waddington, Stephane Vogel
Motion Design / Darrin Hanley, Melissa Mai
Audio / Nigel Crowley
water, liquid