Mirvac commissioned VANDAL to create reactive algorithmic digital art for the Birkenhead Art Project as part of the redevelopment of Birkenhead Point’s new premium precinct.

Working with Art Pharmacy, curators of the window display, the digital art draws inspiration from Sydney-based artist Jo Neville’s large scale floral work.

Says VANDAL Creative Director, Emile Rademeyer: “We took Neville’s floral work and digitised it into an algorithm art piece based on a generative coding platform called “L-systems”. An L-system, or Lindenmayer system, is coded to construct a particle simulation of living, geometric structures. We found this coding platform a perfect choice to depict Jo’s work in a digital and abstract manner. ”

“Working with Art Pharmacy we believe the art strategy is a key attraction to Birkenhead Point and show how physical and digital art can compliment each other successfully through effective digital placemaking.”

Mirvac Retail, Marketing Manager : Marina Ross